Summer is finally here! 06/01/2019


Now that we are full throttle in the midst of the summer season, let’s discuss how to keep your gardens looking their absolute best. You will want to prioritize your gardening to the early morning or early evening while the sun is up but it won’t be as humid. Newer plants will require more water […]

May your garden be full of life! 05/01/2019


Let’s talk about feeding your plants. During the late Spring/early Summer season your trees and shrubs are working very hard. Blooming new flowers, leaves and seeds is a big job. So they will need extra attention and care; plant food being a large part of this. It is especially important to fertilize when you notice […]

April showers.. 04/01/2019


We know it is a very tempting to get out into your yard as soon as the sunshine comes back. However, it is much healthier for your soil and grass if you wait until the earth is dry and firm. Once the ground is ready, you can give your lawn the attention it deserves. To […]

March outside and check your soil! 03/01/2019


March is a perfect time to perform a soil test. This should give you an idea about your soil’s nutrient make up and pH levels. Having this information should help you to determine if your new plants will be able to thrive in that environment or not. The soil pH level is important because it […]

Spring is just around the corner! 02/01/2019


You know what that means, right? Time to start thinking about the beautiful lawn you want to have this year! Here are a few tips for a yard that will have all of your neighbors jealous. In order to have a healthy yard this Spring and Summer, you will need to start with pre-emergent herbicides, […]

The Root of the Lawn Care Issue


Hello and welcome back to the Seeds of Change blog! Guess what time of year it is? Well, technically it is still summer but fall is just around the bend — and in the lawn world.. Fall means aeration and overseeding! Everyone wants their lawn to be a lush and rich green carpet of happy […]



Doors have to be unlocked and opened to be walked through. In the same way, people have to be vulnerable and open, for true life-giving conversation to happen. At Seeds of Change, we have noticed that hands-on physical work done with dignity and honesty unlocks those doors. There is something powerful about creating beauty through […]

A Breath of Fresh Air


We are back! Our mission at Seeds of Change is to instill dignity through creating epiphanies through work — work done with excellence and heart. That’s why we do what we do. We want to go above and beyond for our local Knoxville community. Because of you, we get to instill human dignity and create […]

How Aeration Works


Aeration and Overseeding is a vital part of lawn care each Fall to ensure healthy grass for the following season. Over time grass can begin to look faded, patchy, and worn down. Your lawn requires love to stay looking it’s best. The most effective steps to make your lawn look incredible are aerating, seeding, and […]

“Why is my yard brown? I want grass!”


What can you do to revive your lawn this year if it is under stress? Due to the huge drought from last year, this year will provide some more difficulties with repairing grass. To help get the year off right, the team at Seeds of Change recommends that if you get a pre-emergent treatment from […]