Seeds Core Values Lived Out! #vlog

Laughs and happy tears alike are shared in a Monday morning meeting. As Ian reviews the Five Core Values of Seeds of Change, the team shares how their fellow team members exemplify those values day in and day out. A positive and supportive company culture doesn’t happen by accident! We are proud of how our […]

Irrigation & Rice Thins #vlog

In our Seeds of Change VLOG Episode #6, Stephen wins us over on the benefits of a crossbody, Robbie shows us that even managers need to check their trucks in the morning (including the all-important blinker fluid), and Johny gives us the lowdown on a residential Irrigation Install. You’ll also see some sweet Before & […]

Trailer Hitch Issues & Uncrustables #vlog

We love a good teachable moment here at Seeds of Change! Landscaping (and all related) takes a tremendous amount of learning and experience, so โ€“ to say it bluntly โ€“ mistakes happen. In Week 5 of our VLOG, Drew encounters a faulty hitch setup, taking the time to teach the difference between a drop hitch […]

Lawman Burgers & Dancing on the job #vlog

We at Seeds of Change do love a good, juicy burger! Week 4 of our VLOG takes us on the job site at Lawman Burgers HQ where we get to hear from the Lawman himself about his tasty seasonings and rubs (available at as well as experience some booty-shaking shenanigans that cause Jill to […]

One rainy week & Chicken in the office #vlog

A little (or a lot of) rain can’t stop our crews from getting the job done for our clients. See Drew and his team build a sweet fire rock while Robbie is caught nabbing Toby’s fried chicken. Note to self: Don’t leave my lunch unattended when Robbie’s in the office. Take a breather and watch […]

Spilling Dirt… More Flagstone! #vlog

“My bad, bro!” A load of dirt gets dumped… on the gravel driveway? Yep, strange things happen. Thankfully this crew can laugh it off and get back to work. Week 2 of our VLOG is live with a few team member intros and sweet project Before & Afters. Enjoy the show! ๐Ÿฟ ………. Who is […]

Landscaper needs STITCHES. #vlog

A Seeds of Change crew member hedge trims a hedgeโ€ฆ and his thigh. Whoops! Keeping it real here, folks. (Don’t worry though: 8 stitches later and he’s A-okay!) Watch the full story โ€“ and then some โ€“ in our very first Seeds of Change VLOG post that went live on June 9, 2023. ๐Ÿ‘‡ ………. […]