Creating Space for Outdoor Play


Growing up we all hear how good it is for us to be outside soaking up vitamin D and staying active. The great outdoors are called great for a reason. How many times have you told your kids to go play outside since quarantine started!? I’m sure more than you can count and I bet you would say the outdoors are GREAT! Personally I’ve been eagerly waiting for State Parks to reopen and missing camping this spring.

While we’ve all had to make adjustments, I will admit, staying at home has made me more creative and appreciative. I’ve started a few gardening beds and taken the time to actually see seeds grow into real life vegetables! I’ve enjoyed my porch swing a little more often. I’ve dreamed up patio and firepit plans. I’ve started to appreciate my yard in new ways and seen the value in creating space for play in my own backyard.

creating space for outdoor

No matter your age, creating space for outdoor fun is always an investment worth making for landscaping in Knoxville! Fire pits bring people of all ages together and make for lasting memories. Sandpits provide countless hours of imaginative castle building and city planning for the young mind. And let’s be honest, dipping your barefeet in the pool, with a cold drink in hand on a hot day just might make you feel like you’re vacationing too! While we’re at it, splash pads! Yes, you read that right. Your very own backyard splash pad. Creating space for outdoor play is a great way to bring friends and family together, to build lasting memories, and make your own little bit of outdoors truly great.

Now is the time to be planting those seeds or building those outdoor play spaces. Even though many of us are staying at home right now, it’s time to be prepping your yard for those big party plans you know we’re all dreaming of these days! The best part is that you get to dream them up and enjoy them and we get to build them. Although we wouldn’t complain if you invited us to your splash pad party. 😉

Enjoy getting creative and appreciating your outdoor spaces in a whole new way!