May your garden be full of life! 05/01/2019


Let’s talk about feeding your plants. During the late Spring/early Summer season your trees and shrubs are working very hard. Blooming new flowers, leaves and seeds is a big job. So they will need extra attention and care; plant food being a large part of this. It is especially important to fertilize when you notice your plant’s leaves to be pale or turning a yellow color. Also, feeding your new flowering trees and shrubs will encourage even more blooms next year!

Aphids, Spring Cankerworm, Katydids, and Tent Caterpillar eggs. These are only some of the ornamental trees and shrubs biggest pests during this time of year. Pests such as these can ruin your favorite piece of plant life by feeding on them and extracting the necessary nutrients and sap causing your greenery to appear wilted and unhealthy. Around this time of year it is always wise to get your garden set up with some insecticides. But not to worry, our friends over at Lawn Dr. would be delighted to help you with that, ensuring a lovely, healthy garden this season!