No Rake November


It’s that time of year again, the leaves are covering your lawn but there are more on the trees. You’re trying to decide whether it is time to rake them and bag them up now or if you should wait until the rest of them come down as well. Well, the truth is that there is an easier answer, easier physically, easier financially, and easier time wise as well for landscaping in Knoxville

Mulching your leaves is an excellent alternative to raking. Believe it or not, this is basically a natural fertilizer because the leaves hold many valuable nutrients that the grass will benefit from over the winter. MSU studies actually found that homeowners will decrease dandelions and crabgrass almost 100% after mulching fall leaves for just three years. Also, it is a great choice because the leaves are bio-degradable and will be completely decomposed by the spring, leaving you with a flawless lawn care and no leaves to worry about cleaning up. It is fairly simple to go about too; you can use a regular push mower, although there are specially made blades if you are interested, change it to its highest setting and simply run over the leaves two times. This will leave you with a freshly mulched spread of leaves for the lawn and one less thing on your to-do list. 

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas season coming up we love a good easy life hack. We wish you all a wonderful season full of love and family time!