“Why is my yard brown? I want grass!”


What can you do to revive your lawn this year if it is under stress?

Due to the huge drought from last year, this year will provide some more difficulties with repairing grass. To help get the year off right, the team at Seeds of Change recommends that if you get a pre-emergent treatment from a lawn care company, realize that you cannot plant extra grass seed and apply pre-emergent as well as it will prevent the grass seeds from germinating. The best time to renovate or overseed your yard is late summer or early fall for maximum results but this year you may need to repair your lawn before the late summer. Installing topsoil and overseeding, or a sod installation this spring is the most effective way to ensure grass for the summertime. Recognize there is a large decrease in supply of sod from the drought so the prices may be significantly higher than normal.

If you do overseed your yard, watering regularly and aerating along with overseeding is the key to maximizing your seed germination rate. We would recommend planting fall fescue grass according to our climate zone.

Happy planting!

Overseeding/aeration/topsoil can go a long way. Here is a before/after picture taken in October.