Remember September Aeration


So what is aeration and why is it so important?

Aeration is the process in which several small holes are punctured into the compacted soil which allows for the water, air, and nutrients to get deeper down into the earth. This procedure is most successful when paired with fertilizer, new seed, and lime, which helps to balance the PH levels in the soil. This helps the roots of the current and new grass to grow stronger and will guarantee a lush, green yard for the next season. Fall is the best time to think about aeration and over seeding. This timing allows for the new seed to start to grow in the healthy environment which you have just provided without being overpowered by the intense heat of the mid-summer sun.

Most yards would benefit from being aerated, but you should definitely give it a go if yours is heavily used, such as families that spend a lot of time outside. Also, it is a great thing to look into if your grass was established by sod originally. The soil that comes with the sod is often finer than the soil previously on the property and the layering of the two can cause drainage problems which can lead to heavy compaction and poor root development. Aeration breaks up that tough soil and helps it all blend together which allows the water to make its way through, being much more evenly distributed.

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