Summer is finally here! 06/01/2019


Now that we are full throttle in the midst of the summer season, let’s discuss how to keep your gardens looking their absolute best. You will want to prioritize your gardening to the early morning or early evening while the sun is up but it won’t be as humid. Newer plants will require more water than your other blooms at this time of year as they are still developing into strong plants. Compost is also a great option for some extra needed nutrition in the heat. Plants will grow much slower if they are nutrient deficient.

With the bee population at an all time low and their major importance in our ecosystem, now is the time to be planting varying varieties of colorful blooms that offer them pollen. Planting in large groups will make it larger for the pollinators to find your home. Just remember that they are peaceful creatures and are much more afraid of you than you are of them! Having multiple colorful plants is also an attractor for different types of butterflies. Milkweed is also an excellent option for attracting butterflies. In fact, it is the Monarch’s primary food source.