​Many of our team members are eager to work but their past restricts them, we look beyond their past and look to their future. We don’t hide or cover up our stories and where we have been, instead we openly share them. But we share with a purpose; to show where we are going, the finish-line. We do this because we understand that narratives are powerful. They have the power to define a person’s life. Many of our team members have been told that their narrative is set-in-stone, that their future is locked in place. We disagree with this and urge them continue their narrative. This is where Seeds of Change comes inWe provide them an integrity-rooted environment where continued personal transformation and positive growth can flourish. We provide them an honest way to earn a living, surround them with peers who will call them to better, and point them towards the Truth. This is how we are able to instill dignity within our company and our team members. We are so adamant about this that we want to introduce each one of our team members and their personal stories. Scroll down below to learn more about our team, you may recognize some of them!


Benj Meeks

Landscape Division Manager | Crew Leader

Benj has been working with Seeds of Change since the beginning of the 2017


Benj hails from Jellico, TN but moved to Knoxville for undergrad at the University of Tennessee. After graduating with a degree in Plant Sciences, Benj has decided to stay in Knoxville to work with the Seeds of Change team. 

Benj is our resident plant whisperer. If you want to know anything about plants, Benj is your guy. He can tell your soil pH (within percentage points) just by tasting it, talk about dedication! Benj enjoys God's beautiful creation of nature, is an avid laugher, and a piano virtuoso.

In five years, Benj's dream is to have launched his own edible landscaping business starting in the Knoxville area. He wants to broaden the landscaping pallet toward more dual purpose plants that are both fruitful and beautiful.

Our three words:

Benj is humble.

Benj is joyful.

Benj is compassionate.

Robbie Overton

Landscaping Crew

Robbie has been working with Seeds of Change since the beginning of the 2018 season.

Robbie is our hometown hero as he was born and raised in Knoxville, TN.

You can find Robbie enjoying the great outdoors, playing basketball, or enjoying time with his family members.


Robbie attends North Star Church along with his relatives and especially enjoys worshipping with his nephews. His passion for Jesus, Seeds of Change, and his fellow team members is inspiring. Robbie's positive attitude and thankful heart is a direct fruit of his relationship with Jesus and the understanding of what that means for his life.

In five years, Robbie hopes to become a certified-professional counselor as he believes this is where the Lord is leading him. We are so excited to see him continue on this path!

Our three words:

Robbie is honest.

Robbie is faithful.

Robbie is grateful.

Hogan England

Maintenance Crew

Hogan's story coming soon.

Elex Sorrells

Maintenance Crew

Elex is originally from the Georgia/Chattanooga area but has made his way over to the promised land of Tennessee. He has been living in Knoxville for the past 4 months. Being one of our older team members, Elex has a penchant for experienced

wisdom, often sharing experiences and lessons from the past to the younger members of the team. Elex has been working with Seeds of Change since the beginning of the 2018 season.


Elex has a comedic side that fills our entire team with laughter. Give this man a microphone and he will utilize his radio-host voice and comedic jokes to turn a 'bad' day into a 'good' day, fairly quickly.

In five years, Elex would like to have established himself as a role model in the community for the younger generation. Helping guide younger youth toward brighter futures.

Our three words:

Elex is steadfast.

Elex is funny.

Elex is wise.

Nate Ford

Landscaping Crew Leader

Nate has been working with Seeds of Change for two seasons, starting in the 2017 season.

Nate is another hometown hero originally from the town  of Farragut. After moving around to many states and places, he has finally found his way back and has been living in Knoxville for the past 6 years.

Nate is the guy on our team that is giving the rest of the guys smiles. That is if he isn't dazzling you with his wardrobe attire consisting of vintage flat-cap hats or Moroccan sandals. When Nate is not on the clock for Seeds of Change business, he is actively leading the youth group at Solway Baptist Church as their youth minister. Nate is a man on a mission to serve his Heavenly Father selflessly - when he gets knocked down, he gets back up and inspires the rest of us.

In the next year, Nate has felt called by the Lord for many years to do mission work and yearns to find himself overseas, spreading the love of Christ. 

Our three words:

Nate is faithful.

Nate is funny.

Nate is determined.

Matt Manis

Maintenance Crew Leader

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Ian Dovan


Ian is our commander-and-chief

Ian hails from Greensboro, NC. He moved to Knoxville to join the Knoxville Fellows program in the Fall of 2015. It is during this time that the inspiration for Seeds of Change was birthed and years later, here we are now still rocking and rolling. 

Ian is the kind of man that truly cares about faith, business, and you! If you have talked to him in person, you know just how gregarious and compassionate he is. He is the visionary, the heart and soul of Seeds of Change, and the oil that keeps the gears turning.

When he is not in the office, fraternizing with other local entrepreneurs, or on the phone with the president, Ian can be found playing every sport under the sun. 

Ian has a profound skill for the piano and some have called him the modern Beethoven. 

Our three words:

Ian is a visionary.

Ian is faithful.

Ian is compassionate.

Harrison Killian

Maintenance Crew

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Justin Carr

Maintenance Crew


Shop Manager | Small-Engines Mechanic

Pops is our resident shop manager and small-engines mechanic, anything with an engine smaller than a car's engine and Pops will be able to fix it! That's what he does, in his 60 years, Pops has touched and fixed almost everything you can think of. If you have any experience in this industry, you know how just how important equipment maintenance is, hence we are very thankful for Pops being a part of our team.

Our three words:

Pops is 

Pops is wise

Pops is

Toby Morgan

Maintenance Division Manager | Crew Leader

Toby is our Operations Manager and heads up all of Seeds of Change's day-to-day operations, without him we wouldn't know what lawns to mow or when to mow them.

Toby is originally from North Carolina but found his way to Knoxville at a young age and has been in Maryville, TN every since! Toby has been with Seeds of Change since

Aside from filling two roles for Seeds of Change, Operations Manager and Maintenance Division Manager, Toby is also a part-time grad student in LMU's MBA program. Toby exemplifies dedication, proving it through the care and consistency that he puts into his work.

Toby is an avid white water kayaker and when he isn't trying to make your lawn the prettiest lawn in Knoxville, he tries to find as much time on the water as possible. Toby's goal is to be the best white water kayaker, "east of the Mississippi river." Toby also enjoys fixing things, good pizza, a well-striped lawn, and having a good time.

In the next year, Toby would like to have finished his MBA program, marry the girl of his dreams, and buy a house. (P.S. he has accomplished one of these things already!)

Our three words:

Toby is faithful

Toby is dedicated

Toby is relational

Alonzo James

Landscaping Crew

Alonzo has been working with Seeds of Change since the beginning of the 2018 season. 

Alonzo is a Knoxville native, born and raised in East Knoxville. Alonzo is a family-man and has a loving significant other and three boys to go home to every day.

Alonzo is a big sports fan, specifically, basketball. When it comes to basketball he

can tell you all the facts and figures. 

This summer, he made the decision to commit his life to Jesus, showing this by getting officially baptized! His character and work ethic have been reflective of this transformation as he has been a joy to work with and eagerness to learn and grow have been contagious. 

Our three words:

Alonzo is motivated.

Alonzo is faithful.

Alonzo is kind.

Charles Dupree

Maintenance Crew

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Nate Choi

Director of Culture & Communications

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