Alex G.

Landscape Designer

Hailing from his hometown of Winter Park, Florida, Alex is no newbie to the landscaping world. Between the ages of 10 to 15, he would mow six lawns per week to fund his tennis training. Both there and through tennis, he practiced dedication and commitment.

Joining the Seeds team gave Alex the opportunity to use all of his gifts and passions under one roof. With a Master’s Degree in clinical counseling, he knows a thing or two about people, and considers it a gift to be part of a company that not only takes care of its clients, but cares well for its employees, too.

Alex is a visionary and loses sleep thinking about design and drawing out what a space could become. While he feels he may have missed his calling to be an architect, we are grateful to have him utilizing his design gifting and love for people at Seeds!

As a family man who loves cooking and camping, he is all about spending time with his people and in nature. He also has a passion for bringing people together, whether that be to help the community grow or encourage individuals in their gifts. As a counselor and designer, he gets really excited talking with clients about their dreams – both backyard projects or visions for life alike!

His most prominent personal dream is to run and operate a plant nursery that provides support for the community and its employees. He says starting a BBQ restaurant would be amazing as well! We know that whatever he puts his mind and heart to, Alex has what it takes to turn dreams into reality.

Our three words:

Alex is People-oriented.
Alex is Passionate.
Alex is Engaged.