J. Bartley

Project Foreman

Born and raised in a small town outside of Knoxville, Bartley is our resident musician. If there’s an opportunity to make music, he’ll be the one making it! And a fun fact? He was on the popular show The Voice. We’d tell you more, but you’d be better off hearing the story as Bartley tells it. (Don’t forget to ask when you meet him!)

Having joined at the start of the 2022 Winter season, Bartley was on board with the mission right away. When asked why he wanted to work at Seeds of Change: “Because of the mission and the impact we have on the recovery community.” We love Bartley’s heart to help others work through their pain of the past and show them a new way to live.

Bartley has a passion for writing and hopes to write his own music someday. When he’s not laying mulch or transforming a patio, you’ll find him riding his motorcycle or playing music. His future dreams include speaking in public schools about addiction awareness and owning his own home. We have no doubt that with focus, hard work and a supportive community, he will achieve his dreams, inspiring others every step of the way.

Our three words:

Bartley is Hard-working.
Bartley is a Leader.
Bartley is Talented.