Benj M.

Former Landscaping Division Manager

Benj actively led and worked alongside the landscaping crew in creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes. Many of the amazing landscapes that Seeds of Change has been a part of have been under his leadership.

Benj hails from Jellico, TN but moved to Knoxville for undergrad at the University of Tennessee. After graduating with a degree in Plant Sciences, Benj stayed in Knoxville to work with the Seeds of Change team as he deeply believes in the mission.

Benj was also quite the plant whisperer. If you want to know anything about plants, Benj is your guy. He can tell your soil pH (within percentage points) and soil type just by tasting it… talk about dedication! Along with his love for plant-life, Benj enjoys God’s beautiful creation of nature, is an avid laugher, and is a piano virtuoso.

Benj’s dream is to have launched his own edible landscaping business starting in the Knoxville area. He wants to broaden the landscaping pallet toward more dual purpose plants that are both fruitful and beautiful.

Our three words:

Benj is Humble.
Benj is Joyful.
Benj is Compassionate.