Ian Dovan

Ian Dovan


Ian is our commander-and-chief. The founder (‘Steward’ as he likes to say) of Seeds of Change. Ian hails from Greensboro, NC and moved to Knoxville to join the Knoxville Fellows program in the Fall of 2015. It is during this time that the inspiration for Seeds of Change was birthed and a couple seasons later.. here we are, still rocking and rolling. He is the visionary, the heart and soul of Seeds of Change, and the oil that keeps the gears turning.

​Ian is the kind of man that truly cares about faith, business, and you! If you have talked to him in person, you know just how gregarious and compassionate he is. This all stems from his relationship to Jesus and his faith in the transformative power of the Gospel.

​When he is not in the office, fraternizing with other local entrepreneurs, or on the phone with the president, Ian can be found playing every sport under the sun. Basketball, spike-ball, kayaking, you name it and he will want to play it.

Ian also has a profound skill for the piano and some have called him the modern Beethoven.

​In ten years, Ian would like to have broadened the impact of Seeds of Change by spreading this specific model of social enterprise to other cities. He sees this being achieved by seeing the continual success of Seeds of Change, helping other leaders start and grow local businesses using this model, and starting a social enterprise coalition to unite and innovate business on a larger scale.

​Our three words:
Ian is a Visionary
Ian is Faithful
Ian is Compassionate