James B.

Rising Star, Team Member

An Atlanta native, James now calls Knoxville home. Life has brought its share of challenges, but James is grateful to be part of the Seeds team and the supportive community that comes with that. He joined the crew in May 2021 and hasn’t looked back since!

James is open about his past and is proud to be clean for over two years now. He has come on board with Seeds’ mission wholeheartedly and stands ready to encourage those who have followed in his footsteps, inviting them to join him on this new path. The joy of making better decisions has made him a positive force within the team and in the community.

A true family man, James is passionate about his family and is committed to staying clean, being accountable and working hard. His dream over the next 15 years is to own his own house, which we are committed to supporting him in seeing that dream become reality.

When asked what one thing he’d like everyone to know: “That I am so blessed to have people like the Seeds community and the support that they give me.”

Our three words:

James is Honest.
James is Committed.
James is Welcoming.