Jillian C.

Project Foreman

Born and raised in Southern Maryland, Jill made her way to Knoxville after graduating from college with a Bachelor’s in horticulture. Pursuing a career in Landscape Design landed her at Seeds in early 2023 and we couldn’t be happier about it!

When asked what she loves about working here: “Working at Seeds gives me the opportunity to learn every day. Every project, client and situation is different. Expanding my knowledge in this field directly correlates to my long-term goal of designing & installing green roofs. I love coming to work every day because the community here is unmatched. I have never worked alongside more motivated and genuine people in my life. It is so refreshing!”

When not pulling her weight (and then some) on a job site, Jill enjoys crochet, photography, gardening–pretty much anything that is hands-on and creative. Fun facts: She was a college rugby athlete (#goravens) and her favorite color is yellow. Jill is passionate about sustainable practices and is constantly discovering new ways to implement them in her own life while encouraging others to do the same. Someday, Jill would like to implement green roofs to encourage sustainability and environmental progress.

Our three words:
Jill is Teachable.
Jill is Smart.
Jill is Strong.