Nick Johnson

Shop Manager / Hardscape Crew

Nick, our resident Hardscaping Mastermind, was born and living the authentic farm life in Indiana before coming to Knoxville. He truly embodies the Seeds of Change work ethic and culture. Though he’s faced many difficulties throughout his life, he maintains a positive attitude and resolves to always find a solution, no matter the challenge.


As one of the first employees of Seeds, Nick has shared how different working here has been because of our commitment to see him succeed in every area of life. He is grateful to be a part of the team and complete projects he can be proud of!


Nick is a motorcycle enthusiast and can often be found in a random spot somewhere in the Southeast on any given weekend. He isn’t afraid of a challenge and embraces adventure (including the unique adventure of toting a handlebar mustache). One of his lifelong dreams is to operate a large farm with an innovative and social-conscious mindset.


Our three words:

Nick is Genuine.

Nick is Big-hearted.

Nick is Intentional.