Campus Manager

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Pops lived in Louisiana before being displaced by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and settling in Knoxville. Since 2019, he has faithfully served as our Shop Manager, Campus Supervisor, Small Engines Mechanic and Honorary Grandfather.

Pops is a central part of our culture at Seeds of Change and is known for being a patient teacher and practical joker. He is proficient in at least seven industrial trades and can often be found mentoring our newest members, while also keeping up his standard of shop organization and cleanliness.

When Pops isn’t on the Seeds campus bringing a vehicle back to life or cajoling a laugh out of a team member having a bad day, he enjoys woodworking and fishing. He also takes every opportunity to get involved in charitable causes that give back to the community, including our community service projects with disabled veterans.

Our three words:

Pops is Humble.
Pops is Direct.
Pops is Truehearted.