Preston K.

Maintenance Division Sales Manager

Growing up on the Tennessee/Virginia border in historic Bristol, TN, Preston is a joy to know and work alongside. New to the team in early 2023, he has taken on the role of managing our Maintenance Division and hit the ground running!

Preston is one of Seeds’ most vocal advocates and we are grateful for his enthusiasm and team spirit. When sharing what it was that drew him to Seeds of Change: “The people, the culture, opportunities.” He has a heart to grow the recovery community in Knoxville and we believe he’s in an excellent place (surrounded by passionate people) to pursue that passion.

In his free time, Preston enjoys live music and playing his guitar. He is also an excellent cook and takes particular pride in serving up his signature dish, shrimp & grits (which we are still waiting to try, ahum *clears throat*). Fun fact: He lived at the beach for years, but hates sand!

Preston’s biggest dream in the next 15 years is to buy an old home, remodel it, and retire. By then, we trust he’ll have a heap of friends in the recovery community to eat his delicious, home-cooked meals.

Our three words:

Preston is Intentional.
Preston is Warm-hearted.
Preston is Diligent.