Robbie Overton

Program Director and Maintenance Division Manager

Robbie was born in Columbia, SC but was raised in Knoxville, TN since the 4th grade. Although he hasn’t worked at Seeds of Change for as long as some of the other members, Robbie has quickly shown his capabilities as a professional and leader. He has seen both the maintenance and landscaping side of Seeds of Change and is soon to see an increase in his leadership responsibilities! Robbie has been working with Seeds of Change since the beginning of the 2018 season.

​Robbie embodies the Seeds of Change work ethic. He is willing to do the hard work and never complains no matter how hard it is. He is an honest and true worker and puts out good work. His transparency to each team member is incredible and looks out for his team members and supports them through thick and thin.

​You can find Robbie enjoying the great outdoors, playing basketball, or enjoying time with his family members. Robbie attends North Star Church along with his relatives and especially enjoys worshipping with his nephews. His passion for Jesus, Seeds of Change, and his fellow team members is extremely inspiring. Robbie’s positive attitude and thankful heart is a direct fruit of his relationship with Jesus and the understanding of what that means for his life.

In five years, Robbie hopes to become a certified-professional counselor as he believes this is where the Lord is leading him. We are so excited to see him continue on this path!

Our three words:
Robbie is Honest.
Robbie is Devoted
Robbie is Grateful.