Robbie O.

Operations Manager

Although he was born in Columbia, South Carolina, Robbie has been a Knoxville native since elementary school and is, as he puts it, ALL VOL! 🧡

Robbie’s journey at Seeds of Change began during the 2018 season. Working in both the maintenance and landscaping sides of the business, he quickly showed his potential to become a leader in the company. Robbie now serves as our Operations Manager and deeply embodies our mission and work ethic. He looks out for his crew and supports them on the job site and beyond.

When not making the magic happen at Seeds, you can find Robbie riding his motorcycle or enjoying time with his family. Fun fact? He has three dogs, two cats, six snails, four fish, four guinea pigs (a verifiable zoo!) as well as three kids and an awesome wife.

When asked about his passion: “Helping others is my passion. It brings me joy to see someone’s dreams become reality. People have helped me get to where I am today, so being able to return that to others means so much.” Robbie’s hope is to help provide justice and housing for those living with homelessness. We love his heart and words can’t express just how proud we are that he is a part of the Seeds family.

Our three words:

Robbie is Honest.
Robbie is Devoted
Robbie is Grateful.