Sherry L.

Office Manager

Born and raised in Maryville, TN, Sherry is the fact-finder and detail-catcher of the Seeds team. Too often we find out she was up until 3am because something wasn’t right and needed to be fixed!

Sherry started with the Seeds office team right as COVID-19 began shutting down the world! But she is a trooper and didn’t let that stop her from diving right in.

In her free time, Sherry has many interests and hobbies: crafting, the great outdoors, spending time with friends and family, capturing the beauty of the Smoky mountains in photos. Her passion is ensuring things are done with excellence. A faithful friend and coworker, Sherry never fails to let everyone around her know that she is here to help! She truly loves Seeds, our mission, and the loving and supportive community the team has created together.

When asked about a dream she’d like to see become reality in the next 15 years: “I would love to be able to travel the country and see places I have never seen before.”

Our three words:

Sherry is Thorough.
Sherry is a Helper.
Sherry is Considerate.