Stephen Carcello

Landscape Designer

Stephen is our landscape designer and architect, and has incredible expertise in this field; we are fortunate to have him on our team. His knowledge, awareness, and keen responsiveness are second to none; and his experience and portfolio are uncommonly impressive. If you get the opportunity to meet with Stephen, not only will you quickly appreciate him and his expertise, but you will appreciate YOUR property, landscape, and the potential to turn it into the dream you’ve always imagined it could be. We appreciate Stephen’s tact, and that he is an advocate for his clients, not pushy or coming in with an agenda, but coming alongside anyone and adding the foundation and clarity to one’s vision for a dream backyard. Stephen is extremely relatable and through a conversation with him, you’ll quickly recognize his intelligence and humbleness. You’ll find him a humble spirit, willing to roll up his sleeves and ensure he delivers on the expectations he sets with customers. 


On a personal note, Stephen is a true artist. You may find him down at the pottery shop, checking on his 7 cone firing in the kiln, or winning an award for a Knoxville city mural, or discussing the finer points of the city’s art, traditions, and history. He also has written a book, and before his career is over, he will make his mark on Knoxville as a designer, a connector, and as someone that adds value wherever he goes, he is someone you want to meet!