Stephen C.

Former Landscape Designer

Originally from Jacksonville, FL, Stephen came on board the Seeds of Change train in 2020 as our first full-time Landscape Designer. His experience in his field, along with his knowledge, awareness and keen responsiveness, are second-to-none.


If you get the opportunity to meet Stephen, not only will you quickly appreciate him and his talent for landscape design, but you will better appreciate your property and the potential to transform it into your dream outdoor space. Always an advocate for the beauty of nature, Stephen thrives when coming alongside clients, crafting the foundation and clarity needed to fulfill the vision and plan for any landscaping project.


On the personal side, Stephen is a true artist and experienced the joy of homeschooling all 12 years of his early education. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, training his bonsais and creating illustrations in preparation for his next city mural. He has even written a book! Stephen’s dream is to semi-retire on a farm, but we know expressing his passions through art will be an integral part of his life for the remainder of his days.

Our three words:

Stephen is Creative.
Stephen is Kind.
Stephen is a Connector.