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What is Hardscaping?

It is the term used in the industry for any non-living structure of a landscape design such as retaining walls, walkways, paver patios, water features, outdoor fireplaces, pavilions, and other outdoor lawn structures. The pairing of hardscaping and landscaping is what elevates a normal lawn into a dream lawn. If you are looking to make your dream lawn come to fruition, check out our portfolio.

Hardscaping Knoxville
Retaining Walls Knoxville

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls are any structure that holds or retains soil behind it or in a certain direction. It is one easy feature to add that can instantly spruce up your lawn. Pair it with a beautiful fire pit or walkway and host that backyard party that you have always wanted to throw. Top-tier walls are all about the proper hardscaping Knoxville TN and we hope you would trust us to lay the foundation

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Hardscaping Services in Knoxville TN

At Seeds of Change, we understand the importance of hardscaping Knoxville TN, meaning that you have a beautiful home, inside and outside. It is your everyday personal space and it is important. This is why we strive to provide Knoxville, TN with a top-tier service that pushes itself to be the best in the industry. 

Knoxville Patios and Decks

Patios and Decks

Picture a beautiful blue sky, a group of family and friends, and a roaring grill all on a beautifully designed stone patio attached to your home. This is a dream that we have helped many clients achieve. Whether it is a patio or deck made of paver stones, classic brick, or hardwood, we can help realize your patio vision into reality. Having outdoor structures such as patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, or brick masonry structures can liven up your bare essential backyard into your dream backyard.

River Rock Beds

The natural look and contrasting effect that is innate in river rock make it one of the most pleasing sources of material used in hardscaping Knoxville TN. Using river rock beds along with other landscaping and hardscaping projects boosts the overall look of your home but can also be what separates your yard from your neighbors. Take a look at our work.

Firepits and Outdoor Fireplaces Knoxville TN

Firepits and Outdoor Fireplaces

Another fantastic addition to your home’s outdoor space is the addition of a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Although different in look and feel, they have a similar effect in the end. A warm and family atmosphere for you, your loved ones, and your guests to enjoy. Whether it is for your family to roast smores under the stars or space for having deep conversations with close friends, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace will satisfy all of your outdoor hosting needs.

Stairways and Walkways

We believe that the structure’s foundation is the most important part of a hardscaping project. As a company that has strong foundations in dignity and integrity, we strive to provide our customers with work that reflects those values. This is why we focus on providing a stable, safe, and functional stairway or walkway for your yard. Striving to make a walkway that will not only look stylistically pleasing but also provide proper support and safety for you, your family, and your guests.

Water Features Knoxville TN

Water Features

Water Features include all kinds of fountains, ponds, artificial waterfalls, and streams. Nothing instills the feeling of nature like running water. The sight and sounds of water can transport you from your home to the waterfalls of the Great Smoky Mountains or the numerous lakes scattered throughout East Tennessee. Have that piece of nature at your fingertips by having a stream running through your backyard or a small fishing pond with a small waterfall. All of this is possible and more with our experienced dedicated team.

Pools Knoxville TN


Pools are another great addition to any home’s outdoor space as there is nothing better than taking a swim in your pool on a hot and humid summer day or lounging on your pool deck. A backyard pool comes with numerous different ideas when it comes to its design and style. Allow us to help you in making those decisions, finding the perfect blend of functionality and beauty.

Knoxville Pergolas and Pavilions

Pergolas and Pavilions

Pergolas and Pavilions are large outdoor structures that function as the main area for your outdoor landscape. As a major centerpiece in your yard, choosing a landscape designer and hardscape designer will be very important in achieving the backyard of your dreams. These projects are extensive and we would be glad to walk alongside you to make your backyard dreams come alive. Our designers have years of experience in blending hardscaping and landscaping designs for an entire outdoor space and we have the work to prove it! Take a look.

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