Irrigation Systems in Knoxville TN

Nervous about getting an irrigation system installed on your property? Let us walk alongside you through the process and you will see there is nothing to fear.

Benefits of using irrigation system services

Improves Soil Integrity

Here are two ways an irrigation system leads to better soil integrity. Consistent and efficient water usage through the use of sprinkler systems leads to balanced water spread meaning less water runoff and a healthy soil density. This leads to healthier soil which allows for a healthier and more beautiful lawn.

Water conservation and efficiency

A lot of the benefits of an irrigation system are due to the efficiency that comes with using an irrigation installations. Because irrigation systems use a set schedule and a set amount of water per use, conserving water and efficiency are at an all-time high. Resulting in a balanced spread of water across your lawn and you saving money.

Plant life benefits

We must also take note of different plants as they all have specific needs. Certain plants need specific climates and temperatures, water needs, etc.. These can be accounted for with lawn irrigation. An irrigation system allows for customization and specificity that will allow the best environment for your lawn’s plant life to thrive.

Weed, Fungus, and Disease prevention

Irrigation Systems are installed within the ground soil of your lawn. This leads to your plant roots and grassroots having easier access to their water source, resulting in them being stronger and healthier. With a stronger and healthier lawn, fighting off disease, fungus outbreaks, and weeds is much easier.

Increases Overall Value

For any homeowner, increasing commercial or residential property value is always a great thing. All of the benefits of having an irrigation system installed lead to an overall increase in value. This is due to the results of having a healthy and beautiful lawn and landscaping which increases curb appeal.

Irrigation Systems and Maintenance Services in Knoxville TN

In-Ground Irrigation

An in-ground irrigation system is exactly what it sounds like, it is installed within the ground of your lawn and is connected to your water service line. This is the most common and traditional method of irrigation systems.

Irrigation Systems Knoxville TN
Knoxville irrigation systems

Rainwater Systems

Although rainwater irrigation systems are not a new idea, it has risen in popularity once again recently. Rainwater irrigation allows for gathering higher quality water and a lower cost of water (because it is not connected to your water service line.) There are many innovative ways to install a rainwater system on your property and we will find the best way for your specific needs!