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Lawn Care is all about the health and vitality of a lawn often measured through the fullness of the lawn and the beauty of its color. Services include Fertilization Treatments, Weed Control, Pre-Emergent Treatments, Aeration and Overseeding, Lime and Soil pH Balancing, Grub Control, Tree Removal, and Shrub Care to name a few. With a set focus on the health and wellness of your lawn; bald patches and discoloration will be a thing of the past. Along with routine lawn maintenance, the combination of these two will have a drastic effect on your overall lawn and landscape, trust us. Our professional Lawn Care service is here to help elevate the health and life of your lawn!

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Our Maintenance & Lawn Care Services in Knoxville TN

In the industry, we often combine Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance, even though they are two separate elements both are needed to have a lush and green grass in your lawn. With Lawn Care, the emphasis is on the health of the lawn, whereas Lawn Maintenance has its focus on the routine maintenance of the lawn. These two together are what end up producing a quality lawn.

Fertilization Treatments

Fertilization of a lawn is one of the biggest impact services that can make leaps toward having a quality lawn. With each lawn comes a personal and unique set of lawn needs and when these needs are met your lawn is destined to thrive. Reach out and we will find out what lawn fertilization plan will be best suited for your lawn’s needs.

Weed Control

Although weed control and pre-emergent treatments have the same task at hand, to remove weeds from your outdoor space, there is one key difference. Weed control is the term we use for the removal and killing of weeds that have sprouted and are visible. Using proper equipment and techniques, we strive to remove weeds without harming your lawn’s preexisting condition.

Pre-Emergent Treatments

Although weed control and Pre-Emergent treatments have the same task at hand, to remove weeds from your lawn and landscape, there is one key difference. Pre-Emergent treatments are the preventive measure taken in the battle against weeds. Pre-Emergent weed control treatments can be described as a barrier that is formed on the surface of your lawn to prevent weed seeds from sprouting. This way of treatment is not for removing existing weeds but is for preventing additional weeds from growing. Combined with a weed control service, the weeds in your lawn will be a thing of the past.

Tree Care

Trees are a major factor in any lawn’s beauty appeal as they are front and center and take up a large portion of your outdoor space. It is very important in taking care of the trees on your lawn as it will be one of the first things a visitor or guest will see. With proper tree care, diseases and pests can be thwarted from damaging their health and wellness.

Shrub Care

Shrub pruning, shrub disease treatment, shrub fertilization, and general shrub care all fall under our service description of shrub care. These are all important things to take note of in the care of the shrubs on your lawn.

Grub Control

Grubs are the larvae of various types of lawn beetles and can be disastrous for any lawn. Grubs burrow into the soil and feed on the grassroots causing many problems for the health and wellness of the lawn. Preemptive Grub pest control is the best way to eliminate these lawn pests.

Lime & Soil pH Balancing

A big factor in how well your plants, grass, and turf grow in your lawn can be narrowed down to a few things. These are proper lawn maintenance, care, and conditions. Balancing Soil pH levels falls under the category of ‘lawn condition’. Soil pH levels are an indicator of acidity or alkalinity in the soil and directly affect nutrient availability in a lawn and can be a determining factor of why a plant will not grow or grass won’t take root. We utilize Lime and other organic materials to naturally balance the Soil pH so that your lawn’s needs are being met.

Mosquito Treatments

As a Lawn Care service provider in Knoxville, TN, we know that summers can get hot and humid here. A perfect climate for fostering a mosquito problem. So we offer mosquito treatments as a service as they are a big help in the battle of making your local lawn into a pleasing and accessible outdoor space. We utilize long-term and strategic plans that get adult mosquitos down to the larvae.

Aeration & Overseeding

Do you want a beautiful lawn? Do you want a healthy lawn? In most cases, a healthy lawn turns out to be a beautiful lawn. When you see a lawn that has lush and deeply rich green grass, it is going to be a healthy lawn, and 9-out-of-10 times you can bet it was aerated and overseeded. This is a service that we love providing as not only do we get to take care of the health of your lawn but we also get to see the satisfaction in our clients when their lawn transforms into a healthy and beautiful lawn.

Now… What are aeration and overseeding? What does each do in making your lawn into a beautiful and healthy one?

Aeration: The perforating of soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grassroots.

Overseeding: The broadcasting of fresh grass seed to fill in thin spots and thicken existing areas.

Combining these two is like pairing peanut butter with jelly. It just makes sense. After a lawn is aerated, the soil is now primed for putting down new seeds. This is because the new seed that is spread across the lawn through overseeding is more likely to germinate and grow deeper roots due to the aeration done to the land’s surface. This is why we offer Aeration and Overseeding in one service package.

Lawn Mowing Knoxville TN

Lawn Maintenance and
Lawn Mowing in Knoxville TN

Lawn Maintenance is the upkeep and maintaining of a lawn and landscape design. This is usually the typical image you get when thinking of taking care of your lawns and gardens. Lawn mowing, Trimming, Edging, Leaf Blowing, Weeding, and Mulching are all usually placed within this category. 

Total Knoxville Property Maintenance

Seeds of Change also provides a total property maintenance service package that can be customizable to your lawn’s wants and needs based on our recommendations and your wants.

Lawn Care Knoxville TN

Knoxville Lawn Mowing: Weekly or Biweekly

Many people don’t realize that mowing your lawn is more than just cutting grass. When you cut your grass properly and consistently there are several benefits, these include stronger grassroots, elimination of pests, and an overall healthier and better-looking lawn. We work with our clients to determine the best schedule for your lawn based on many factors.

Weed Removal

The classic removal of weeds in your garden and plants beds. Allow us to help you keep your lawn in its healthiest state. We often combine this with a Lawn care weed control treatment plan.

Leaf Blowing and Removal

Often at the end of a Lawn Maintenance or a Landscaping and Hardscaping project, natural debris and leftovers of materials are often scattered throughout your yard. That’s why we follow up with Leaf blowing to leave your lawn in better shape than before.

We also provide leaf removal as a service during the Fall season.


One of the easiest and best ways to increase your lawn’s appeal is to get a mulching job done. We provide three types of mulch; traditional black mulch, pine straw, or pine bark. Each type has its properties, benefits, and a specific look that will increase the appeal of your yard. Allow us to help you in beautifying your plant beds as mulching not only looks good but supplements the health of your plants as well. ealthiest state. We often combine this with a Lawn care weed control treatment plan.

Lawn Edging

Lawn Edging is often a service that is always packaged along with mowing. Although considered a small service, edging your lawn perimeters has a big effect on the overall look of your lawn. When you don’t edge the perimeter of your lawn, you can think of it as getting a clean haircut without trimming your moustache and beard, it has an effect on the overall yard look.

Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance and Lawn Mowing Gallery

Here at Seeds of Change, we offer a package deal for our lawn care and maintenance services. We call it total property maintenance because it can encompass the entirety of your lawn’s needs besides landscaping and hardscaping projects. We can tailor it to your wants and needs for your property. Ask us about it!

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