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Our Landscape Design Process

With our highly experienced landscaping crew being led by our resident landscape design architect, we leave no room for low-quality work. Our passion for transforming our client’s backyards into their dream backyards is what makes us strive to be the best Knoxville TN landscaping company. When you trust us with your landscape design dreams, you will watch in amazement as our team transforms them into your reality!

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Vision Sharing

With Seeds of Change, our goal is not to come in and make our landscaping dreams or ideas come to reality. Our goal is to make your landscaping dreams and ideas come true. Whether you have an initial idea or are starting from scratch. We always start here and will walk with you in creating or collaborating with your ideas or vision.

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Drawing up a Plan

Once a vision is cast for your landscape, the next step is to find the best way to make it happen! This is the stage where slight adjustments and small nuances will be discussed between you and our landscape designer, this is done through offsite and onsite consultation. The game plan to transform your current landscape into your dream landscape will start here.

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Sticking with the plan

The hardest step of a landscaping project is the commitment to the plan formed by you and a landscaping designer. We only see the before and the after of a major or minor landscape job, we don’t see the process that it took to get to that beautiful final product. No one wants to see their lawn look like a construction site and we try to let our clients know what to expect. So we do our absolute best to make this process as smooth, bearable, and easy for you as possible.


Enjoying the Fruit

Now the best part of a landscaping project is when it is finished and able to be fully enjoyed for its designed purpose. This is the step where you can sit back and enjoy the beauty that was created in your outdoor space. It’s time to enjoy the vision that has become a reality!

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