10 Stones to Use in Your Hardscaping – Home and Garden

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Doing a bit of landscaping is a great way to freshen up your yard. When done right, a good landscaping project can really enhance the look of the place as well as bring some additional functionality with it. The usual landscaping projects involve planting some greenery, rearranging what you already have in the yard, or maybe even building something. What if we tell you that you can make a really big change by simply implementing some stones? Using stones in landscaping is quite a common thing to do. There are some really great designs out there, and with some research, you should not be scared of using stone in landscaping. When it comes to this technique, you are not limited at all. There is a great variety of stones that you can choose from which can be implemented however you see fit.

Using landscaping stones has its merits. First and foremost, as we mentioned, they are extremely versatile. On top of that, if placed correctly, they can prove to be quite beautiful. Additionally, it goes without saying, they are quite durable as you can expect. Different stones have different colors, designs, and uses. When it comes to how you can use them, there is no limit really. Use finer stones for a path through your yard enhancing the overall beauty of the place. On the other hand, use bigger pieces as stepping stones or even garden steps. Use smoother ones for outdoor surfaces like your patio for example. That being said, each stone is best suited for a specific purpose. What stone you are going to choose will ultimately boil down to several different factors. You have to consider where you live and what purpose the stone will serve.

How to Choose the Stones in Some Hardscapes

When there are so many options to choose from, you must be wondering what is the best stone for hardscaping. Giving a straightforward answer to what the best landscaping stone is, might not be as simple as expected. As we mentioned, choosing a landscaping rock depends on several factors. You will have to consider the location where you live, the surroundings as well as the plant life that is around. Also, you need to know what color you prefer and also the texture that you want. All of this should feel like a well-structured landscape theme. Also, make sure you know what size and shape you want the stones to be.

Our goal with this article is to help you reach a decision. Landscaping with stones is not something you should be afraid of. As we already talked about, using stones in landscaping can really bring out the best that your yard can offer. If this has piqued your interest, and you have finally decided to bring some freshness into your yard, we are going to try and help you by going over the most popular stones in landscaping. So, without any further ado, here are the most popular stones and rocks.

Hardscaping Stones

Pea Gravel

As you can probably tell from the name, these rocks are the size of a pea. They are quite small, ranging from half an inch to about eight of an inch. The shape is also something you would expect, being round as the vegetable they are named after. Pea gravels have many different uses. Additionally, they come in many colors, the most common ones being tan, white, and brown. These rocks can easily replace mulch in your garden beds or can be used to cover up your entire driveway. Nonetheless, pea gravels are certainly a great option to consider before you decide on your choice as they are cost-effective and versatile.


A landscape stone such as flagstone is most commonly used in places where people are going to be walking. The main reason behind this is that it is really slip-resistant. This is great for areas such as patios, pools, walkways, or even gardens. They can be easily implemented in many different landscaping designs. Additionally, flagstone has different varieties you can choose from such as limestone and sandstone. Their outline is usually irregular, but they can be implemented as decorations without a problem. When it comes to varieties, limestone is best used for walkways and patios as it can provide a really beautiful color to it. One of the most popular choices of limestone is bluestone. On the other hand, sandstone has a more coarse texture and can come in different colors such as gray, red, black, and most commonly brown. They are best at providing a more natural look.

River Rock

River rocks, also known as pebbles, are similar to pea gravel in shape and smoothness, the only thing is that they are quite bigger, about the size of your palm. You have probably already noticed these rocks around some houses. They are usually white or a bit grayish in color. The reason they are placed right around the house is that they help with water damage. By directing the rain away from the foundation of the house, they help by preventing erosion. Additionally, you can also place these rocks in garden beds as they are quite easy to maintain. The only thing you will have to do is some weeding here and there.

Lava Rock

Lava rock is certainly something special to consider. As you can probably guess, lava rocks come from volcanoes that are not active anymore. They are quite a unique choice. If you decide to use them, expect to be greeted with bold colors, usually red or black. Additionally, the price of these rocks is definitely higher than the rest, so you can expect to pay quite a bit for them. However, their uniqueness and beauty are well worth the extra cost. Furthermore, they can fit easily in many different designs without any problems. Also, the special thing about these rocks is that they absorb and retain heat really well. This means that they will absorb heat during the day and release it slowly after the sun sets. They are certainly one of the best choices when it comes to natural stone.

Marble Chips

Marble chips are also one of the more unique stones you can choose from. They are quite similar to the river rocks that we have already talked about. The main difference is that marble chips have a special trait of their own. As you know, marble reflects light. This means that these chips can glisten in the sunlight offering you a beautiful look that is similar to water. Marble chips are most commonly used to aesthetically boost the look of your yard. You can use them for walkways or even in garden beds. That being said, do be careful as marble is an alkaline stone that can disturb the pH levels of the soil. Lastly, as they reflect sunlight really well, in some cases it might prove to be a bit intense to look at.


The most common and easiest to integrate types of landscaping rock are boulders. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so finding the ones that suit your needs will not be that hard. Compared to the smaller rocks and stones, boulders are used quite differently. The best way you can use boulders is to create barriers in your yard. This way you can create focal eye-catching points where you want them. Additionally, boulders require low maintenance but make sure they are placed correctly as they are not that easy to move when they pass a certain size.

Decomposed Granite

Decomposed granites are a form of granite that has degraded to softer, more refined particles. It is quite popular as a more affordable option to fill driveways and walkways. The sandy texture it possesses with its red shade can bring a really nice look for the driveway.

Beach Pebbles

A landscaping project with beach pebbles can create a beautiful landscape but at a high price. Beach pebbles do not come cheap. Some homeowners are willing to swallow the additional costs so they can use them to make their outdoor space stand out. The most popular choice of beach pebbles is the Mexican beach pebbles.


Slate is a great option that can work with many different designs. The best thing about slate is that there is a large variety of colors as well as textures you can choose from. This way you are not limited to a single option so you can customize it to your exact needs creating some colorful options. Keep in mind that slate is not the best option if there is a lot of rain where you live as it is easily susceptible to water damage.


When it comes to choices, bricks are certainly one of the more traditional ones. However, even though bricks were made from fired clay in the past, the ones today are made from all sorts of materials. Bricks are an amazing walkway material, as well as a great option for a retainer wall. They are quite durable and easy to maintain, however, they are quite tricky to replace. Additionally, there is also an option of using brick chips in some projects. No matter the type of landscape bricks can be easily implemented.