Doors have to be unlocked and opened to be walked through.

In the same way, people have to be vulnerable and open, for true life-giving conversation to happen. At Seeds of Change, we have noticed that hands-on physical work done with dignity and honesty unlocks those doors. There is something powerful about creating beauty through working with people in an outdoor setting where the sun is shining and fresh air is limitless. Deeper conversations are ripe for the picking in this kind of atmosphere, doors are able to be unlocked and opened. It’s the setting that the Seeds of Change team experiences everyday. Now, every day is different and the conversations we have vary day-to-day. The work environment of the lawn service and Knoxville landscaping industry only allows the unlocking of doors but there is another part to be played that needs to occur for the door to be opened.

Recently, we completed a very physically-draining job of removing trees and matured and deep-rooted bushes from an existing landscape. It was a three-man crew and estimated to take two days. It was hot, it was humid, it was draining. The whole day we kept emphasizing how we were to work for the Lord and not for men (Colossians 3:23-24 is a passage of scripture that we fight to live out at SOC.)

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.” – Colossians 3:23- 24

We accomplished the job in one day because we were working as for the Lord and not for man. The family we were privileged to bless with our work was so impressed and ecstatic! They were so amazed, you could tell just from the expressions from their faces. They wanted to talk to us and find out how we were able to complete the job so quickly, efficiently, and joyfully. This allowed us to share with them why we worked so hard and smart. The door had been opened. We shared with them that we were doing it all for the glory of the Lord (It didn’t matter if they were believers in Jesus Christ or not)! They engaged us and we were vulnerable and honest. In that moment they saw the deeper fruit of our work; our core purpose, instilling dignity through creating epiphanies in work with everyone we come into contact with. It was undeniable and it was evident that they had been blessed by it.

What an honor!

On the drive home we bought milkshakes and had a wonderful conversation on how hard yet rewarding the job had been. The two team members (Robbie and Alonzo) who were with me were deeply moved by the fruit of simply working wholeheartedly out of wholehearted love for the Lord. I could see their eyes light up as we talked. That could have been the first time they worked, not for money, not for recognition, not for self, but for the Lord. The core purpose of Seeds of Change is instilling dignity through creating epiphanies in work, and I witnessed that. It is one thing to hear that and another to physically, tangibly, and visibly witness dignity being instilled both in our team members and our clients. That is what having the door unlocked and opened means. True transformation takes time, but in the long run it is the only lasting change. That is why companies like Seeds of Change are so powerful and different, we care about the time that is required for greater change and greater purpose. We care about relationship. We care about dignity. We care about you and we are willing to spend the time, the resources, and ourselves to prove that; to unlock and open the doors.

Benj, Robbie, and Alonzo; Our landscaping crew!

Seeds of Change is making a tangible and lasting change through instilling dignity with everyone we come into contact with. It is a honor and privilege to be a member of the Seeds of Change team where life-giving conversation is encouraged. We invite you to help us open doors. So please, engage with us, talk to us, and walk with us in instilling dignity within our Knoxville community.

Stay tuned for more inspiring on-field stories and testimonials.

God bless,

Benj Meeks

Landscaping Division Manager

Seeds of Change