The Cost To Build An Outdoor Living Space You’ll Love

outdoor living space costs

Spending time in an outdoor space offers great opportunities to have fun with your friends and family. Whether it is a simple morning coffee, a casual gathering for a barbecue, or a late-night party, having an outdoor living space will let you enjoy the day at your leisure. That being said, building the outdoor living space of your dreams will have different costs depending on what you have envisioned. Depending on your budget, you will carefully have to make every decision. These projects can be as cheap as $2,000 or as expensive as $200,000, however, the national average cost is usually close to $10,000.

On that note, if you are looking to build an outdoor living space, you are in the right place. In this article, we will go over everything regarding the cost of building outdoor living spaces and what is the average cost of an outdoor living space. We will answer all of your questions and more, so without any more delay, let’s dive right into the article.

How Much Does It Cost To Do An Outdoor Living Space?

A covered lifestyle garden with indoor and outdoor living
A covered lifestyle garden with indoor and outdoor living

To begin with, the first major cost you will have to cover is the foundation. The cost will significantly vary depending on the outdoor living space you decide to build. For example, outdoor living spaces such as patios are considerably cheaper compared to a pool or a small house. That being said, let’s go over different types of outdoor living spaces and how much they can cost.


As we have said above, patio cost is on the cheaper side when it comes to the overall costs to build an outdoor living space. On average, if you decide to build a patio, be ready to spend anywhere from $2,290 and up to $6,420 or more. The national average cost is around $4,500, but depending on your choices and wishes you can easily exceed $6,420 and even go as high as $10,000. The part that will cost you the most is the material choice. With many different materials available to pick from, you can spend as little as $2 per square foot or if you decide on a more expensive one you can go as high as $35 per square foot. The other part of the overall cost is the labor. Depending on who you hire, it will cost you anywhere from $5 per square foot up to $18.


On average, decks are a step above patios when it comes to cost. If you want to build a deck, you can expect to pay an average cost of $7,320. Depending on the material choice, size of the deck, and labor costs, you can spend as little as $2,000 or as much as $20,000. Most homeowners will spend approximately $4,000 and $11,000. The main part of the overall cost will be determined by the material you choose. Some of the cheapest materials are pine and cedar which are classified as softwoods. On the other hand, PVC or exotic wood are the more pricey option as they are better looking and more durable.

On that note, you can bring the costs down extremely low if you decide to do it on your own. If you decide to DIY the entire project you can bring the cost down to about $1,600. However, if you do decide to try it on your own, make sure that you know what you are doing. Having the necessary tools and knowledge is very important. You want the end result to look good, but more importantly to be safe. Additionally, be ready to put in some work as the average deck size is about 300 square feet.


Many homeowners decide on a gazebo as the new addition to their outdoor space. A well-built gazebo is a great way to spend time outside while having a cover from the sun or rain. However, if you want to build one for yourself here are the costs you can expect. On average, the cost of a gazebo is $7,590. That being said, most commonly you can expect everything to cost between $5,365 and $9,025. What material you choose will mainly impact the cost. The most affordable option is to go with brick. They are also great for retaining heat and because they can resist bad weather quite well. On the other hand, wood is a more expensive option because of the more desirable look as well as high-maintenance costs.

That being said, if you are willing to put in the work and you know how to do it yourself, then you can bring the costs down to almost zero. You can easily build a simple gazebo for as little as $325. As long as you follow the necessary safety regulations, you can build your own gazebo according to your wishes as long as you are willing to put in the effort.


Sunrooms are a great addition to your home. They can serve as a spot where you can relax and spend your time while not being away from any necessities. If you decide that you want to build a sunroom for your home, here is what you need to know. First of all, there are two types of sunrooms. There are three-season sunrooms and four-season sunrooms. Let’s begin with a three-season sunroom. They are completely attached to your home but they do not have insulation. Because of this, they are the cheaper alternative as they can cost anywhere from $10,000 up to $40,000 with the national average being about $25,000.

On the other hand, the four-season sunroom is the same but with insulation as well as in most cases it comes with electricity and plumbing. These are considered premium structures and will cost anywhere between $15,000 and $80,000 with a national average of $45,000.


Pools are a great addition to your home. Not only do they provide you with a great opportunity to cool down during the hot summer days, but they also raise the value of your property. On that note, the cost of a pool can vary depending on the size and materials used to build it. First, let’s talk about concrete pools. If you decide to use concrete, prepare to pay extra. The cost of a concrete pool can range from $30,000 to $200,000. On average, most homeowners pay approximately $60,000. Additionally, concrete pools have a high maintenance cost that can go up to $27,000 over ten years.

Next up, there are fiberglass pools. They are a cheaper alternative to concrete pools and can cost you anywhere from $17,000 up to $62,000 with an average of $33,000. The maintenance cost for a fiberglass pool is a fraction compared to the concrete ones coming up to about $3,700 over ten years. Lastly, there are vinyl pools. They cost about the same as fiberglass from $22,000 up to $50,000 with the same average of $33,000. However, the maintenance cost is approximately $13,000 over ten years which puts it right in the middle.

Additionally, you can modify your pool to create an enclosed area where you can enjoy swimming even in bad weather.


All in all, the cost of an outdoor living space will highly depend on the labor and materials you choose for the project. The average cost of an outdoor living space is generally a good way to figure out how much something is going to cost you. However, depending on your preferences, you can increase or decrease the cost as much as you want to fit your budget. You can always choose smaller outdoor living spaces to stay on a budget. Also, keep in mind the landscape maintenance costs that you will have to pay over the years. For example, inground pools will require necessary maintenance that can add up quickly over the years. When you consider everything we mentioned, only then can you get a true cost of an outdoor living space.