August’s Opportunities


August may feel as though fall is starting to roll in. Halloween and fall decor as far as the eye can see. But the truth of the matter is that here in Tennessee, it’s almost just as hot in August as it was in July. So continuing to water your lawn and apply fertilizer is the right move here for a healthy lawn. This is also majorly important because most trees and shrubs are now setting flower and fruit buds for next season and you want those to stay nurtured, as a lack of water now will actually reduce the coming seasons crop. Using mulch as a cover is a smart move as well since it helps to conserve moisture as well as keeping the ground cooler.

Now, let’s talk about late season planting options. There are actually a large variety of choices for this month. This is the time to grow your pansies, beets, carrots, spinach, turnips, lettuce, cabbage, and Swiss chard seed in a sturdy, good quality pot. After the seedlings develop leaves it will be okay to transplant them into individual pots. To care for them you will need to feed them with a water-soluble fertilizer such as Miracle Grow. They also make water-soluble fertilizers specifically for your sprinkler so it can be one less thing to worry about remembering. By late September or early October they should be ready to be transplanted into the garden.