5 Tips to Keep Your Lawn Gorgeous During the Winter


Though the winter is the time of year where the least activity is happening in your yard, there are still a few things you can do to improve the quality of your turf for next season. Also, never forget to make sure your irrigation systems are turned off before, for pipes can freeze.

The 5 Tips

I. For cool season grasses, apply a fertilizer in late fall or early winter before the first freeze. This will allow a consistent sharing of nutrients underground throughout the winter, especially potassium and other root-focused fertilizers.

2. Keep your lawn clean. Clearing your yard of debris like toys, sticks, and other objects that could create dead spots after long periods of time or especially after a snow will help ensure an even and strong yard in the spring.

3. Minimize foot traffic. People, or even worse cars, will lessen the vibrancy of ground cover through consistent ware and tear, especially in the same area.

4. Keep leaves removed. In early winter, leaves have a tendency to rain down (and reign!). Though some mulching of leaves will help with fertilization, ensure they are chopped up well. If not removed in a timely manner, moist leaves will reduce sunlight and kill grass especially new grass. Also, it can introduce moldy and mossy environments if not cared for.

5. If you have a problem with voles or moles, who thrive on grass roots as they tunnel under the surface, consider an outdoor cat! Also outdoor natural barriers and pest repellents can help in keeping voles and moles out of your yard.

Aeration, fertilizing, and overseeding are the most important things you can do for the next season’s luscious lawn, but keeping an eye out during the winter months is helpful to ensuring a vibrant property all year long.