Who We Hire

​Many of our team members are eager to work but their past restricts them, we look beyond their past and look to their future. We don’t hide or cover up our stories and where we have been, instead we openly share them. But we share with a purpose; to show where we are going, the finish-line. We do this because we understand that narratives are powerful. They have the power to define a person’s life. Many of our team members have been told that their narrative is set-in-stone, that their future is locked in place. We disagree with this and urge them continue their narrative. This is where Seeds of Change comes in. We provide them an integrity-rooted environment where continued personal transformation and positive growth can flourish. We provide them an honest way to earn a living, surround them with peers who will call them to better, and point them towards the Truth. This is how we are able to instill dignity within our company and our team members. We’re so adamant about this that we want to introduce each one of our team members and their stories; who they are and where they are going. Scroll down below to learn more about our team, you may recognize some of them!

Our Current Team

Operations Manager

Office Manager

Founder & Steward

Campus Manager

General Manager

Shop Manager / Hardscape Crew

Landscape Designer

Landscape Designer

Rising Star, Team Member

Kevon H.

Rising Star, Crew Member

Rising Star, Team Member

Maintenance Division Sales Manager

Drew A.

Project Foreman

Customer Advocate

Project Foreman & Social Media Guru

Project Manager