Who We Hire

​Many of our team members are eager to work but their past restricts them, we look beyond their past and look to their future. We don’t hide or cover up our stories and where we have been, instead we openly share them. But we share with a purpose; to show where we are going, the finish-line. We do this because we understand that narratives are powerful. They have the power to define a person’s life. Many of our team members have been told that their narrative is set-in-stone, that their future is locked in place. We disagree with this and urge them continue their narrative. This is where Seeds of Change comes in. We provide them an integrity-rooted environment where continued personal transformation and positive growth can flourish. We provide them an honest way to earn a living, surround them with peers who will call them to better, and point them towards the Truth. This is how we are able to instill dignity within our company and our team members. We’re so adamant about this that we want to introduce each one of our team members and their stories; who they are and where they are going. Scroll down below to learn more about our team, you may recognize some of them!

Our Current Team

Benj Meeks

Landscaping Division Manager

Benj is our field marshal when it comes to the landscaping side of Seeds of Change. He is the one who is actively leading and working alongside the landscaping crew in creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes. Many of the amazing landscapes that Seeds of Change has been a part of have been under his leadership. Benj has been working with Seeds of Change since the beginning of the 2017 season.

Benj hails from Jellico, TN but moved to Knoxville for undergrad at the University of Tennessee. After graduating with a degree in Plant Sciences, Benj has decided to stay in Knoxville to work with the Seeds of Change team as he deeply believes in the mission and core purpose of Seeds of Change.

Benj is also our resident plant whisperer. If you want to know anything about plants, Benj is your guy. He can tell your soil pH (within percentage points) and soil type just by tasting it, talk about dedication! Along with his love for plant-life, Benj enjoys God’s beautiful creation of nature, is an avid laugher, and is a piano virtuoso.

In five years, Benj’s dream is to have launched his own edible landscaping business starting in the Knoxville area. He wants to broaden the landscaping pallet toward more dual purpose plants that are both fruitful and beautiful.

Our three words:
Benj is humble.
Benj is joyful.
Benj is compassionate.

Robbie Overton

Program Director and Maintenance Division Manager

Robbie was born in Columbia, SC but was raised in Knoxville, TN since the 4th grade. Although he hasn’t worked at Seeds of Change for as long as some of the other members, Robbie has quickly shown his capabilities as a professional and leader. He has seen both the maintenance and landscaping side of Seeds of Change and is soon to see an increase in his leadership responsibilities! Robbie has been working with Seeds of Change since the beginning of the 2018 season.

​Robbie embodies the Seeds of Change work ethic. He is willing to do the hard work and never complains no matter how hard it is. He is an honest and true worker and puts out good work. His transparency to each team member is incredible and looks out for his team members and supports them through thick and thin.

​You can find Robbie enjoying the great outdoors, playing basketball, or enjoying time with his family members. Robbie attends North Star Church along with his relatives and especially enjoys worshipping with his nephews. His passion for Jesus, Seeds of Change, and his fellow team members is extremely inspiring. Robbie’s positive attitude and thankful heart is a direct fruit of his relationship with Jesus and the understanding of what that means for his life.

In five years, Robbie hopes to become a certified-professional counselor as he believes this is where the Lord is leading him. We are so excited to see him continue on this path!

Our three words:
Robbie is Honest.
Robbie is Devoted
Robbie is Grateful.

Sherry Linander

Office Manager

Sherry is the Office Manager for Seeds of Change. Born and raised in Maryville, TN. She is the fact-finder of our team, and too often we find out she was up until 3am because something wasn’t right and needed to be fixed! When she isn’t working, she enjoys being with family, and oftentimes is the go-to helper for anything that surfaces for her family and friends, because she is resourceful and a fixer. One of her biggest creative outlets is creating thoughtful gifts with her various craft-making tools. She likes things to be very organized and clean around the office and will go out of her way to make sure things are in their proper order. Sherry truly loves this place, its mission, and the loving and positive environment created by her co-workers.

​Our Three Words:
Sherry is Thorough
Sherry is a Helper
Sherry is Considerate

Ian Dovan

Ian Dovan


Ian is our commander-and-chief. The founder (‘Steward’ as he likes to say) of Seeds of Change. Ian hails from Greensboro, NC and moved to Knoxville to join the Knoxville Fellows program in the Fall of 2015. It is during this time that the inspiration for Seeds of Change was birthed and a couple seasons later.. here we are, still rocking and rolling. He is the visionary, the heart and soul of Seeds of Change, and the oil that keeps the gears turning.

​Ian is the kind of man that truly cares about faith, business, and you! If you have talked to him in person, you know just how gregarious and compassionate he is. This all stems from his relationship to Jesus and his faith in the transformative power of the Gospel.

​When he is not in the office, fraternizing with other local entrepreneurs, or on the phone with the president, Ian can be found playing every sport under the sun. Basketball, spike-ball, kayaking, you name it and he will want to play it.

Ian also has a profound skill for the piano and some have called him the modern Beethoven.

​In ten years, Ian would like to have broadened the impact of Seeds of Change by spreading this specific model of social enterprise to other cities. He sees this being achieved by seeing the continual success of Seeds of Change, helping other leaders start and grow local businesses using this model, and starting a social enterprise coalition to unite and innovate business on a larger scale.

​Our three words:
Ian is a Visionary
Ian is Faithful
Ian is Compassionate



Shop Manager | Small-Engines Mechanic

Pops is our Shop Manager, Yard Supervisor, Mechanic and Honorary Grandfather. Originally from Los Angeles CA., Pops lived in Louisiana before being displaced by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and settling in Knoxville. Pops is a central part of our culture and is known for being a patient teacher and practical joker.

​Pops enjoys woodworking and fishing, as well as being involved in charitable causes that give back to the community. He is proficient in at least 7 industrial trades and can often be found mentoring our newest members, while also keeping up his standard of shop organization and cleanliness.

​Our three words:
Pops is Humble
Pops is Direct
Pops is Truehearted

Toby Morgan

Toby Morgan

Operations Manager | Hardscaping Division Manager

Toby is our Operations Manager and heads up all of Seeds of Change’s day-to-day operations, without him we wouldn’t know what lawns to mow or when to mow them.

Toby is originally from North Carolina but found his way to Knoxville after College and has been in Maryville, TN every since! Toby has been with Seeds of Change since the very beginning of 2018.

​Aside from filling two roles for Seeds of Change, Operations Manager and Hardscaping Division Manager, Toby recently graduated LMU’s MBA program. Toby exemplifies dedication, proving it through the care and consistency that he puts into his work.

​Toby is an avid white water kayaker and when he isn’t trying to make your lawn the prettiest lawn in Knoxville, he tries to find as much time on the water as possible. Toby also enjoys fixing things, good pizza, a well-striped lawn, and having a good time.

​Our three words:
Toby is Trust worthy
Toby is Dedicated
Toby is Relational

Brien Reynolds

Brien Reynolds

Maintenance Crew

Brien hails from Jackson Tennessee. He is the father of two handsome little boys and loves to spend time with them! He loves to spend as his free time outdoors and enjoys fishing when he can. He is a firm believer in Christ. Brien’s drive and reliability make him a great member of the team.

​Our Three Words:
Brien is Steadfast
Brien is Reliable
Brien is Tenacious

Andrew Hansen

Andrew Hansen

Maintenance Crew

Andrew grew up in Powell, TN. He graduated from the University of Tennessee and loves all things VOLS. He is a believer in God and tries to live his life to the fullest every day. Andrew is very athletic and has played sports his whole life. Andrew’s excellent attitude and love of life sets him apart from the crowd.

​Our Three Words:
Andrew is Strong
Andrew is Relatable
Andrew is Eager

Matt Kelley

Matt Kelley

HOA Division Manager

Matt was born and raised locally in Concord, TN. His family used to farm where Farragut and Concord park now reside. Matt has significant management experience and is adept at handling many unique personnel and customer expectations with skillful training and teaching. This has allowed him to move up the ranks at Seeds of Change over the course of a couple short years. He is a strong believer in Christianity and tries to live his life walking by faith. In Matt’s free time, he enjoys fishing, golf, and all things having to do with the VOLS. Matt is a great friend to those around him and is frequently serving others with his time, his car, his opportunities. And he seems to somehow always be in a good mood!

​Our Three Words:
Matt is Steady
Matt is Optimistic
Matt is an Animal Whisperer


Nick Johnson

Shop Manager / Hardscape Crew

Nick really embodies the Seeds of Change work ethic. He is a hard working, driven, and positive individual who never gives up when things get difficult. He has been such a wonderful addition to the team, we are excited and proud to have him working with us.

If Nick is not hard at work making lawns and gardens beautiful, you can usually find him enjoying the great outdoors. He loves to hunt, camp, and spend time riding around on his motorcycle.

He loves Seeds because he feels as though the team does an excellent job of putting God first in all they do. He also says he feels like the men he works with have a genuine interest in his day to day life and has noticed that they truly care about how he is doing emotionally and mentally. Nick says that the management of Seeds of Change is different than any other job he has had in the past because we go out of our way to help him succeed in anything he has a passion for. He loves to get to be apart of and complete jobs he can be proud of!


Nick is a motorcycle enthusiast and can be found somewhere across the southeast on any given weekend. He isn’t afraid of a challenge and isn’t afraid of an adventure either. His dream is to operate a large farm with an innovative and social-conscious mindset. 

Nick is really an extraordinary friend and human. He truly has a huge heart for others and always goes out of his way to make other’s lives wonderful. We are delighted to have him as our Employee of the Month!

Eric Owenbe

Eric Owenbe

Landscape Crew
Coming soon
team picture

Andrew Thumma

Landscape Division Manager

Andrew is Seeds of Change’s resident northerner, but we don’t hold that against him (anymore). Andrew has been with the Seeds of Change crew since the beginning of the 2020 season and has grown immensely in a few short months, being promoted up to Landscape Division Manager. If you have interacted with Andrew, you’ll quickly remember his bright and vivacious attitude as It is shown through his desire to serve his clients. His leadership skills are obvious – he leads by example, he is generous, and isn’t just a servant leader; but the lead server of his crews and those around him. When you’re having a bad day, just pick up the phone and tell Andrew, and it’s guaranteed your day will get brighter just from talking with him. Through his time at Seeds, Andrew has been quick to share what he has gone through in life. He has experienced a heart change in some profound ways, including his relationship with God and in the way he treats those around him. But we know that he’s always had those seeds within him and those have sprouted. His example has been a powerful influence in the entire landscape division, and his experience as a captain on pretty much every sports team he has been a part of has carried forward today into his leadership style. He is truly a light to those he comes in contact with, and a vital part of our culture today.


On a personal note, Andrew enjoys time with his family and is always around helping someone. He emulates someone that lives their life each day as a true gift, and his desire to always be helping someone is contagious. His only downside is he’s a northerner, but we don’t hold that against him (anymore).


team picture

Vic Clemons

HOA Division Manager 

Vic is a confident presence for the Seeds of Change team, bringing with him years of experience, management, and leadership ability. Though he is one of our newest additions to senior management, he has earned his reputation internally and externally as one that stands out. He does his work with excellence and has a very discernable awareness of his team. Vic is a champion and he knows his team’s needs, gifts, and how to coach them through any property, problem, or task. If you have any questions about sports, movies, or the latest information on VOL stats, Vic is your guy. He is passionate about helping those around him and impacting greater change along the way. 


team picture

Stephen Carcello

Landscape Designer

Stephen is our landscape designer and architect, and has incredible expertise in this field; we are fortunate to have him on our team. His knowledge, awareness, and keen responsiveness are second to none; and his experience and portfolio are uncommonly impressive. If you get the opportunity to meet with Stephen, not only will you quickly appreciate him and his expertise, but you will appreciate YOUR property, landscape, and the potential to turn it into the dream you’ve always imagined it could be. We appreciate Stephen’s tact, and that he is an advocate for his clients, not pushy or coming in with an agenda, but coming alongside anyone and adding the foundation and clarity to one’s vision for a dream backyard. Stephen is extremely relatable and through a conversation with him, you’ll quickly recognize his intelligence and humbleness. You’ll find him a humble spirit, willing to roll up his sleeves and ensure he delivers on the expectations he sets with customers. 


On a personal note, Stephen is a true artist. You may find him down at the pottery shop, checking on his 7 cone firing in the kiln, or winning an award for a Knoxville city mural, or discussing the finer points of the city’s art, traditions, and history. He also has written a book, and before his career is over, he will make his mark on Knoxville as a designer, a connector, and as someone that adds value wherever he goes, he is someone you want to meet! 

Brandon McMahan

Brandon McMahan

Hardscape Crew Lead

Brandon is our go-to craftsman, with significant experience and a natural knack for all things rock, paver, and stone. His lines are straight, and his ideas are bold. His love for the VOLS is only surpassed by his love and sacrifice for his daughters, renewed faith in Jesus, and in his spiritual development. He is quick to show a new team member the ropes, and guide people into a greater understanding of tasks, skills, and opportunities. He is also quick to share his journey as an inspiration to those around him. Brandon enjoys a good camping and kayak trip, any good sports game, and is sure to add an intriguing perspective toward any conversation topic.